FHS Solution

Flexible Hinge Style Baffles.

The FHS® Baffles system is a patent pending innovation from I-PIE, Inc. It’s an original idea stemming from our interest in combining the brawn of original castings with the flexibility of wire mesh drip screens to protect the entire expansion joint between the bottom ash hopper, the boiler, and the water seal trough.

Engineered To Last.

FHS® stainless steel baffles are engineered and built to easily absorb clinker impact and greatly reduce the impact of radiant heat from the boiler and bottom ash hopper on the water seal trough. The modular design makes assembly easy and baffles mount right to your existing structure. Modular components allow for individual replacement in the unlikely event of damage.

20 Year Water Seal Trough Protection.

Our patent pending design comes with a 20 Year Warranty! The FHS® Baffles system has less than a 3% open area as compared to wire mesh screens at up to 56%. This translates into reduced ash passing through and into your water seal trough. The smooth surface baffles practically eliminate ash “caking”, and they fold up for maintenance to provide internal access to the water seal trough. The FHS solution could reduce your water seal trough maintenance costs by 65% or more over a twenty year period.