FHS Installation

Installation of Flexible Hinge Style Baffles.

With over 30 installations of the FHS® Baffles system, and endorsements from major OEM’s, we continue to receive positive feedback on the ease of installation and the outstanding operating performance of the system. Most installations have utilized support structures that were already in place from the prior use of wire mesh drip screens or original OEM castings. Whatever your structural requirements, I-PIE, Inc. can provide a solution.

The new FHS® Baffles were easy to install… holding up extremely well due to their rugged design.
– William H., Manager Plant Engineering

fhs-drawing-webThe weight of the FHS® Baffles system is hefty, but significantly less than original OEM style castings and wire mesh once it has been caked with ash. Our installation will fall easily within your structural tolerances. The steel baffles modular design make assembly easy and the baffle system can fold up for water seal trough maintenance and inspection.

Another benefit to the modular design is the ability to replace an individual baffle hinge plate, in the unlikely event of damage, without having to dismount entire panels.