FHS Financial Case

The Financial Case for Flexible Hinge Style Baffles.


An investment in the FHS® Baffles system doesn’t require long range accounting to justify the decision. Though FHS® Baffles require a larger up-front investment, an FHS financial case is easy to make. The projection below demonstrates a break even point in year 4 when compared to the expense of repeatedly installing sacrificial wire mesh drip screens over the long term. Also, the comparison below does not project the exorbitant cost of having to re-build a seal skirt and seal trough from damage incurred between outages due to failed wire mesh screens.

Conservatively, in 20 years, we may reduce operating costs by over $340,000.* ~ Plant Manager & FHS Customer


* Industry average costs based on servicing a bottom ash hopper with 300 sq. ft. of water seal trough protection every 2 years using heavy duty double ply wire mesh drip screens (600 sq. ft.).