Bottom Ash Hoppers

Bottom Ash Hoppers

I-PIE, Inc. has been providing expert maintenance solutions for bottom ash hoppers since 1999. We are leading innovators in the industry, and we strive to give you optimal results with an eye on your bottom line costs. When it comes to maintenance for your bottom ash hoppers, I-PIE Inc. has the expertise and solutions you need.

Lifetime Flexible Hinge Style (FHS®) Baffles Shield

Tired of changing wire mesh drip screens every few years? Enjoy lifetime protection with our patent pending Flexible Hinge Style (FHS®) Baffles Shield. Designed to easily absorb clinker impact and to mitigate ash in your water seal trough, the FHS® Baffles Shield will reduce maintenance costs while improving water seal trough performance in your bottom ash hoppers.

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Rigid Woven Wire Mesh Screens

It was an I-PIE, Inc. designer that introduced open bottom wire mesh screens in bottom ash hoppers over 15 years ago. And we were the first provider of extra heavy duty wire mesh screens that greatly extended the product life cycle.

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Flexible Wire Mesh Screens

These flexible wire mesh screens roll up for easy maintenance in bottom ash hoppers. Proven protection for your water seal trough.

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