I-PIE, Inc. is the best friend to a maintenance supervisor of any coal burning power plant. Our patent pending Flexible Hinge Style Baffles (FHS®) provide lifetime water trough protection in your bottom ash hoppers. Say goodbye to costly and lengthy maintenance shutdowns, and say hello to long-term, optimal water seal protection. With several successful installations already completed, why not show your plant manager that you’re on top of industry best practices for time and cost-saving technologies? Give us a call today at (910) 343-9474, or fill out a request for quote.

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Flexible Hinge Style Baffles

Lifetime Water Trough Shield

Stop replacing those drip lips, slag screens or drip screens every few years. Introducing the world's first flexible water seal trough protection shield for bottom ash hoppers. Designed as a permanent solution and backed with our 20 year warranty.

Wire Mesh Screens

Types of Wire Mesh & Conveyor Belting

Wire mesh is our wheelhouse. We've installed heavy duty wire mesh screens in bottom ash hoppers, and on the other side of the power plant as traveling water screens. We've supplied flexible wire mesh conveyor belting for oven applications, and we've been the source for some interesting architectural uses.

Steel Supply

More Steel Supply Info

I-PIE, Inc. is your top source for exotic and high temperature steel. Gain from our extensive experience with metals that can take the heat (1600-2400 Fahrenheit) in your toughest manufacturing environments. From carbon steel to 300-400 series stainless, we can deliver on time and on budget.